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We’ve gotten some great reviews over the years on Yelp which has been both flattering and great for business. Not all clients use and even some of those who have taken the time to review us have been filtered out by the Yelpbots. We’d love to share with you some actual testimonials from a few of our wonderful clients.
“I’ve had Green Clean cleaning my condo since 2010. Green Clean day is the best– once the team’s done, the place is spotless, with gleaming floors and a shiny clean kitchen (even the stainless appliances, which are a streaky nightmare if I’m left to my own devices). The cheerful attitude and environmentally friendly cleaning products are an added bonus. Best cleaners ever!”
Jenny C.
“There are lots of reasons we use Green Clean, but one of them is just dollars and sense. Since 2010, Midge and her HEPA-strapped crew have been cleaning our home. As a result, my son gets fewer colds and his allergies are less severe. That means a happier kid and less time away from work for me. That’s particularly important for people who are self-employed.”
Dave N.
“We LOVE Midge and the Green Clean team! We’ve used other cleaning services in the past, but Green Clean is by far our favorite. It’s amazing to come home to a house that is sparkly clean but doesn’t smell of toxic cleaning products, and to know that while we’re benefiting from a clean house we’re supporting a kick-ass woman-owned business that treats its employees right. A total win-win!”
Rebecca R.
“Since we started using Green Clean in 2014, we’ve been extremely happy with the work that Midge and her team do. Cleaning day is the best day! They’re thorough, courteous (including to the cats!), and reliable. The house is always spotless and fresh and there’s no chemical smell or film of any kind. As an added bonus, we love that they’re an eco-friendly, woman-owned, local business!”
Whitney T.
“I have been using Green Clean to clean my apartment for the past few months. Midge and her team are fantastic! They always do a thorough, complete job. I have two dogs, and you would never know that after they leave! Also, I have a baby on the way, so the fact that they use all Green products makes me feel a lot better. I would highly recommend Green Clean!!”
Libby J.
We love Green Clean!! Midge and her team have cleaned our home for the past few years. Our house is always left clean and shiny and with no chemical odors! Typically I work from home while they’re here and they are busy non-stop. I’m still trying to figure out the magic they use to clean our kitchen and baths, which are always left spotless. Thank you Midge, it’s such a happy day when you come!
Wendy J.
“Green Clean has been keeping our house happy (and clean) since early 2011. There is nothing like the feeling of walking in the door on the days they come – it’s as if no one has been there except for the obvious fact that everything is brilliantly clean! There are no chemical odors or residues, everything is in its place and most importantly, there is no dust, grime or dust bunnies in sight (including under the beds!). Even our slightly neurotic dog is complacent (rumor has it, the staff sings to him). We wouldn’t have anyone else fill this need; we love Green Clean!”
Kristina S.
“Because of allergies, I need a very clean, dust-free house. Green Clean does a thorough job, getting into the crevices of my old house, behind and under furniture, on top of picture frames, etc. Green Clean is also very reliable and friendly.”
Toddy G.