A little bit about ourselves…

GREEN CLEAN was launched in January 2006 by a girl with a mop, a bike and a dream. You can read a little more about her journey as shared here (2009), here (2014), here (2015), here (2017) and here (2017)

Owner Midge Lyon has over 15 years of professional housecleaning experience and is heavily involved in her company. She’s intentional about growing slowly and steadily while staying true to our founding mission and passion- to provide high quality and reliable all-natural housecleaning services. There's also a mission and commitment to providing a supportive workplace for the Green Clean Dream Team, or as she calls them, The High Vibe Tribe. GREEN CLEAN employees bring a lot to the table and we value them so much.

As a team, we are well versed and very invested in natural and organic living. Our soaps are 100% plant-based, 100% biodegradable and never EVER tested on animals. Nothing with so much as a synthetic fragrance or dye makes it into our recycled milk bottle spray bottles! Even the vacuum attachments are recyclable! We bring all of our own supplies and nothing that is used in one home is used in another without being thoroughly laundered. This includes cleaning cloths, dusters, microfiber mop heads, detailing brushes and scrubbers. GREEN CLEAN uses top of the line Kirby HEPA vacuums and scent-free products. This means not only is your house clean when we leave, but so is the air.

At GREEN CLEAN, we live our green ethics and strongly believe in working locally. This keeps our crew out of traffic and less time burning fossil fuels. For some gigs we factor in a small travel fee which goes directly to the cleaners untaxed as mileage.